Are you marketing your product…

and not making very many sales?

Are you marketing your product…

and not making very many sales?

You probably don’t like selling. That’s okay. Most people don’t.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You’ve created a product but you’re not selling many of them. People seemed eager in the beginning. But what happened?

You probably don’t like selling. That’s okay. Most people don’t.

There are too many variables that can go wrong – the product isn’t appealing to customers, customers seem interested but still don’t buy, or there are too many returns.

As an inventor who has built a few hundred products over the years, I understand how difficult it is to put on a happy face and try selling the next day.

Yet, as easy as it is to take a break from marketing and go back to tinker on your product, the only path to selling is – a great message.

And if you’ve started selling without a great message, you’re in for an eye-opening experience.

Did your last selling experience cause a great amount of pain, anguish, and second-guessing?

Why did they walk away?
What did I do wrong?
Can I sweeten the deal?
Should I offer a discount?

The reason you struggle to answer those questions is simple: you’re not your buyer.

Therefore, you never fully understood what your buyer was thinking when they saw your product.

Many inventors are in the exact same position as you: frustrated that they’ve spent so much time developing their product and can’t understand why people aren’t buying.

What if it didn’t have to be that way?

How Would You Like to Build a Marketing Blueprint for Your First Product?

Introducing: Build a Marketing Blueprint Workshop

If you’re sick of watching sales disappear and are ready to finally attract the right customer, this is a good time to learn everything you need to know to efficiently market your product.

You’ll gain tools and knowledge to successfully market and sell your product—the same tools big agencies use to help their clients.

When you work with me, I answer your lingering questions about sales and marketing. We will peek inside your customer’s mind to locate the comfort spot -like a kitten to your lap- so that they will imagine owning your product. Soon, you’ll know how to work with your best customers so that you can rapidly build your empire.

I know people who wait for the planets to align before they take action. This is the moment you get to move the planets yourself to shape your customer experience.


Where are you going to be 6 weeks from now?


Imagine how relieved you’ll feel going from watching sales disappear to selling so many products that you can’t keep them in stock!

Imagine how excited you’ll feel to wake up and know exactly how your product fits in your customer’s life.

Imagine how energized you’ll feel when you go from competing on price to confidently saying no to the coupon clippers!

If you’re ready to build your small empire beginning with marketing your first product, just click the button below to apply.
I look forward to working with you!

What You’re Saying

Lisa and I outlined my ideal audience and built a blueprint that would reach the right customer. With Lisa’s marketing help, we’ve grown by 76% since 2017. I’m thrilled with the result. 

Luke Lukey

Restaurant Stage Manager, TakenBarstools

Are you ready to build a marketing blueprint?

If so, schedule a call with Lisa to get started.

And then get excited because you’re about to discover exactly how to build a marketing blueprint that identifies exactly what your customer is thinking so you can rapidly build your empire.

Market Your First Product FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What if I already have a product or two?

If you’re having challenges around why you aren’t making the most money with your current product(s), this sounds like the perfect fit for you. There could be a number of subtle tweaks that you could with your product marketing that would permanently fuse your connection with your customer.

Do I need a website for my product?

In many cases yes, you do need a website. But it doesn’t have to be complex. We’ll cover if and when you need a website and what kind so that we keep your objective simple and manageable.

What if I'm not tech savvy?

We can’t be savvy in all areas and that’s okay. I understand that tech can be overwhelming and rest assured, I’m here to provide translations between geeks and newbies.

Meanwhile, I have compiled a list of tech resources that will benefit your business that we’ll go through step-by-step to help support you in all the areas you need to launch your product. No more, no less.

What if I have more questions about the program?

I would love to chat with you to address any concerns and questions you might have about this new beta program. Please schedule a phone call here.

Have More Questions?

Please call me 206.892.8327

Are you ready to build your first product?

Your mission, should you choose to accept is:

Build a blueprint for marketing your first product so that you can confidently sell with ease.

If so, schedule a call with Lisa here and select Blueprint/Launch Call to get started.
And then get excited because you’re about to…
Design and build a marketing blueprint for your first product so that you can confidently move forward with effective marketing and selling in your ideal distribution channels!

If you work with me to market your product,
then I’m confident you’ll save a ton of time by removing the guesswork to confidently build your empire.